The system of restaurant is devided into 4 different zones according to its location including: Central Restaurant, Bamboo Restaurant, Hall Restaurant (are used to serve big ceremonies).

The Central restaurant with the impressive architecture is located in the middle of the resort and also is the main reception to welcome the guests to the resort.

About the Bamboo restaurant, it will give you a feeling of comfortable when you can free yourself with the sea breeze, open your eyes with the green color of the stork village and the immense beach.

The Hall restaurant is used to organize the large ceremonies such as weddings, meetings, conferences ... with the capacity of 500 guests.

Among the restaurants, there are the interconnecting walkways, each area has its convenient entrances for guests whether you stop anywhere in the resort. Especifically, each restaurant has its own stage to hold the arts shows and the events depending on the requests of the guests.

In addition to the various and unique seafood dishes, different styles of services of each restaurant will make a good impression on guests. The guests can choose any ideal place to suit your needs: enjoying a cozy and luxurious space in the central restaurant; admiring the poetic beauty of the garden; inhaling the fresh air of the sea, and savouring the fresh seafood dishes at the restaurant; or organizing weddings, meetings in restaurants with a large hall of hundreds of guests.

Welcome all of you to Thanh Tam restaurant!

The attraction of Thanh Tam resort is the system of restaurants with a lot of delicious dishes.
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